Mathews Architecture

Valborg Theater

The existing entry area into Valborg Theater at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, was through a square glass vestibule set at a 45 degree angle from the surrounding glass façade. This square vestibule projected up through the two story high lobby and became a skylit tower

Beyond the vestibule was a glass canopy that projected beyond the façade. There had been on-going problems with the glass leaking and the existing 2-door vestibule arrangement appeared to not meet current building codes.

There were two additional exterior doors in the façade which opened directly from the lobby to the outside without a vestibule. The façade of the building faces north and there is a small paved area beyond the entrance for drop off of theater patrons.

The lobby was a 1992 addition to the older theater building behind. This 1992 addition has an exterior face of split face block and the glass frame is aluminum with painted steel columns.

The university wanted to replace the entire glass façade system and upgrade the exterior entrance to provide an airlock entry as well as aesthetic improvements that would bring this building more in line with other new and renovated structures on campus. Many of those buildings utilize brick and/or stone and dark green metal door and window frames and metal roofing.

Our work began with field documentation of the existing conditions to verify the accuracy of the 1992 PDF documents. Our structural and mechanical engineers made one trip each to review existing conditions and meet with ASU staff as required.

Mathews Architecture prepared AutoCAD base plan and elevation sheets to use for demolition and design. We then prepared design alternates in plan and elevation for ASU internal review.

Mechanical design included review of the air distribution system and needed revisions to the systems to accommodate the new building façade. Electrical design included revisions to the branch circuits, lighting, and fire alarm systems in the lobby where they are affected by the façade renovation. Fire protection design included code review and design criteria as needed for revisions to the lobby/entry.
Another view of the new entrance.
View of the entrance vestibule from within the lobby.