Mathews Architecture

Sunderland Hall Renovation - Warren Wilson College

The existing terrace had been problematic in terms of water infiltration into the room below. The drains below the concrete pavers had not worked properly and were hard to maintain. The solution was to construct a roof over this entire area and create a new entry/lounge at the first floor level.

The first floor terrace and the basement level recreation room were additions to Sunderland Hall constructed in the late 1980s as part of a comprehensive renovation of the building.

The concrete pavers were replaced by a finished floor within the new enclosure with accommodations made for the slope built into the structural system that supports the terrace slab.
Sunderland Hall's original entrance, with open patio at the second floor.
Closer view of the original entrance into Sunderland Hall.
Problematic concrete paver floor system which caused leaking into the room below.
The new entrance, with the covered second floor patio.
Another view of the reconfigured entrance and second story porch roof.
Closer view of the reconfigured entrance and patio.