Mathews Architecture

E. W. Grove Park Trolley Houses

E. W. Grove Park is a historic and popular neighborhood park in North Asheville dating back to 1904. The two Trolley Houses, and the long Stone Wall with Stone Pillars at either end, give it a unique character.

There are three components to the structures on the site – the stone masonry, the heavy timber framing and the metal tile roofing. 

In 2017, we conducted a detailed assessment and developed specifications for restoration work. 

Work should commence by Spring 2018.
A sunny afternoon view of the E. W. Grove Park stone wall, pillars and North Trolley House.
East elevation of the North Trolley House.
The north end of the South Trolley House.
View of the North Stone Pillar showing the missing mortar, poorly applied patches and years of soot and algae that built up.
One corner of the North Trolley House, showing the loose stones and separating mortar joints.
A close-up view of the type of damage suffered by ends of the transverse beams in the Trolley Houses.
The galvanized caps that covered the beam ends concealed the insect damage that occurred over time.
Close-up of the metal roof shingles, showing the dings and dents caused by fly balls from the nearby park.