Mathews Architecture

Ebbs Chapel Auditorium

The Ebbs Chapel Community Center is housed in the old elementary school that served students of Upper Laurel in Madison County. The building is being reborn to provide several services to the community.

One end has been renovated to house the Sheriff's offices and senior citizens' facilities. The other end is the Auditorium, renovated and updated to serve as a Performing Arts Center.

We first worked with the committee of volunteers to put together a master plan for the renovation, providing standard code information noting the handicapped accessible toilet requirements and other code requirements that will be required to utilize the auditorium space such as location and number of emergency lighting, exit signs, etc.

Later we were able to help the committee realize their vision and transform the auditorium into an updated performing arts center. Our entire staff went to their opening night, which featured David Holt, to celebrate the success.