Mathews Architecture

100 Park Avenue Housing - Unbuilt

We were asked to design approximately 39 residential homes for a 3.25 acre site on Park Avenue in the West End-Clingman Avenue neighborhood, on a promontory overlooking the riverfront. It had been the location for many years of the Pioneer Welding Company.

The site offered amazing vistas and would have been an excellent location to for a cluster of small, energy efficient homes that take advantage of shared open space and the great southern exposure. 

The client wanted the 39 units be a mix of one and two-story homes with a variety of bedroom types (1, 2, and 3), grouped in blocks of no less than 4. All the units will be single-family units, preferably town homes.  

Given the opportunity for a south-facing exposure, we aimed to utilize the Healthy Built Homes program in designing these homes, looking at the possibility of using solar collectors for both domestic hot water and radiant heating. We hoped to achieve Energy Star certification as well.

In terms of size of the units, we planned about 850-900 square feet for a one bedroom unit and approximately 1,100 square feet for a two-bedroom unit.

The client wanted the look to have some elements of Arts & Crafts design, but maybe with more of a contemporary or even industrial character to relate to the surrounding neighborhood.