Mathews Architecture

Cheshire Duplex

The Duplex, facing the village green in the Village of Cheshire, was designed in the French country style to appear as one integrated building. Unit A, situated on the down-slope half of the lot, has good views out through the corner of the lot and across the Amphitheater, with a porch onto Donne Drive taking full advantage of this. It has three stories, with a daylight Basement, and a heated and cooled area of approximately 1,800-2,000 sq.ft. It also has a detached garage at the rear, with vehicle access off Yeates Lane. The garage could be connected to the dwelling by a covered or enclosed link in the future to accommodate a future Bonus Room or small apartment. Unit B has two stories, with a heated and cooled area of approximately 1,600-1,800 sq.ft. It too has a porch looking out onto Donne Drive, and a detached garage similar to Unit A but with access off the alley along the north side of the lot.
The Duplex in the Village of Cheshire.
The rear of Unit A, with its garage.
Unit B at the upper end of the Duplex.
The garage for Unit B.