Mathews Architecture

GAIA- Shelburne Road Cottages

Gaia was planned as new in-fill housing to be a model small urban community in West Asheville. The concept evolved from the smaller acclaimed scheme at Hudson Street designed by us for the same developer. On its 2.56 acre site, Gaia comprises a high-density cluster of 15 dwellings, with two duplexes in the existing single story house; four new 1-story 2-bed 2-bath duplexes at 1,005 sq.ft; four new 2-story 3-bed 2-bath duplexes at 1,300 sq.ft; and five new 2-story 3-bed 2-bath detached houses at 1,475 sq.ft. The homes are grouped around a central courtyard with a communal organic garden, and a meditation garden adjacent to Rhododendron Creek. Parking is limited to one side of the site, which was a key to achieving the required pedestrian-friendly character at this density. The units are all sustainably designed, include solar hot water radiant heating and domestic hot water pre-heat, and have been certified through the NC Healthy Built Homes and Energy Star programs.