Mathews Architecture

Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center

Working in partnership with two other consultants, we are conducting a feasibility study and market analysis, facility evaluation, construction costs analyses, and action plan for the reuse, adaptation, and rehabilitation of the gymnasium building located on the ten-acre campus of the Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center in Graham County.

We hope to devise strategies for:

Broadening the variety of entertainment, educational, and wellness activities offered by the Center and all of its facilities -- especially in and around the gymnasium;

Engaging diverse audiences -- both existing and new -- broadly defined to include all ages within a wide range of cultural and demographic characteristics;

Inducing desired behaviors, from increasing repeat visitation and word-of-mouth recommendations to inspiring devotion by attracting new audiences, members, volunteers, and contributors;

Expanding and improve the overall the visitor experience that first-time and repeat visitors will happily memorize.
The old Gym at the Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center.
The gym also features at opposing ends a full commercial kitchen and a large meeting room.
The current conditions of the gym's interior.
The campus began life as the Stecoah Union School in 1926.
The main building, housing a renovated auditorium, meeting rooms and gift shop.
The gift shop in the main building.
The auditorium, repurposed as a performing arts venue.