Mathews Architecture

NC School for the Deaf

From the original Scope of Work: The Old Gym is an approximately 16,000 square foot, three-story brick structure built in 1924 which has not had any substantial renovations since it was completed. The building is a contributing structure to the North Carolina School for the Deaf National Register Historic District. There is currently a gymnasium on the second floor and an indoor pool, restrooms and some office/storage space on the first floor and several finished rooms that occupy about a quarter of the basement. There is no internal circulation between the three floors. Access to the first floor and basement are directly from exterior entrances at those levels. The second floor gymnasium is accessed at the front and rear from open exterior metal stairs. The building has predominantly slate roofs with one small flat roof area over the pool with skylights and what appears to be a mechanical vent. Most, if not all, of the original windows appear to have been replaced at some point with vinyl windows. It is the intent to provide a comprehensive renovation to the structure so that the first floor can accommodate the audiology and occupational therapy sections of the school. To accommodate these new uses, the indoor pool will be filled in to create new floor area. The basement will house the Speech Language Room and the second floor will serve as a non-competitive recreational gymnasium for the students. Given the absence of internal circulation between the floors or ADA compliant access, it is anticipated that one or both of the exterior stairs will be replaced with enclosed fire-rated stairwells and that elevator access will be provided between all three levels. It is our understanding that if ADA compliance to all three floors cannot be achieved within the structure, which at first glance appears to be the case, it will be acceptable to add new construction only to the extent required to accommodate those needs. No as-built plans or elevations exist for the building and, as such, we will undertake to field document the existing conditions and prepare computer-drawn base sheets. We will coordinate with the School the need to undertake any investigation that might entail opening up of existing walls/ceilings/etc. We will undertake an assessment of the existing roof to determine the condition of the slate and the low-slope roof. This will include taking core samples of the low-slope roof to determine its existing construction. Our consulting engineers for this work will provide a roof evaluation report with recommendations for remediation or replacement. In addition to the roof assessment, given the deterioration of brick along the right side of the building, our consulting engineers will take mortar samples and provide analysis of mortar and brick strength in general accordance with ASTM standards, to determine the appropriate historic mortar mix for any required repairs or repointing of the brick masonry. The Owner will provide the AHERA report on whether any hazardous materials such as lead-based paint and asbestos-containing materials exist within the building. Remediation design and specifications for abatement will be provided by the Owner’s consulting Environmental Engineer under separate contract. The abatement design specifications will be provided to us for including in the Project Manual for the General Contractor to include in his work. CA and air-monitoring for the abatement will be handled by the Environmental Engineer and not included in our scope of work. The Owner will also provide a topographic survey of an area to be defined around the project site to facilitate the design team’s planning for any required additions, accessible walks around the building, and replacement of existing steam and condensate lines between the central boiler and the Old Gym Building. All plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems will be replaced and/or upgraded as required including replacement of the existing steam and condensate lines from the central boiler as noted above. There is no existing fire protection system and design of this will be provided within the scope of our work. The Owner will provide flow test information. The central boilers were replaced 4 years ago and uninterruptable natural gas service was installed. The boilers have the capacity to handle the heating loads for the Old Gym Building and will be utilized for the renovation. Air-conditioning and ventilation system needs will be explored and recommendations made for inclusion as part of the renovations. We understand that the building is served by a site water system owned by the State and that the last several buildings renovated at the school have required fire pumps. Our engineers will provide analysis per SCO guidelines to determine the need for a fire pump. The Owner will provide an up-to-date fire flow test. As the building is less than 20,000 square feet, we have excluded Life Cycle Cost Analysis requirements from our proposal. The engineers will provide general guidance to the Owner as to costs and efficiencies of various systems. Building systems commissioning and third party standards such as LEED are excluded from our services. Our work will include programming with the NC School of the Deaf and others as well as coordination and formal submittal reviews at all required phases to the NCDPI School Planning, SCO and the SHPO. We will provide full services including Construction Administration and project closeout submittals.
The Old Gym after a new stair and elevator tower was added.
Plaque acknowledging the historic significance of the Old Gym.
Exterior view of the old Gym showing the only access between floors, an exterior metal stair system.
The entrance to the old Gym before renovation.
The reconfigured entrance.
The swimming pool on the first floor before renovation.
The multi-purpose room that replaced the swimming pool.
A relic from the past, preserved under glass.
The gym on the second floor after renovation.