Mathews Architecture

NC School for the Deaf

This project for the NC Department of Public Instruction, is on the campus of the NC School for the Deaf in Morganton, NC.

It included a comprehensive renovation of the existing, historic 3-story, 13,000 square foot gymnasium and pool facility into a therapy and activity center for students with hearing loss including classrooms, meetings rooms, offices and support areas.

Prior to this work, the existing floors were unconnected by stairs and the building non-accessible. There were no working functional building systems and the building had set unoccupied for years allowing for further deterioration.

Renovation work included repairs to the slate and membrane roofing, replacement of windows, and cleaning and repointing of brick. A 2,000 square foot addition was added to the rear of the historic structure to provide connectivity and accessibility to all three levels and easy access to adjacent academic buildings.

This project was bid $282,000 under budget and allowed for the accepted of 9 desired Add Alternates. 
Exterior view of the old Gym showing the only access between floors, an exterior metal stair system.
The entrance to the old Gym before renovation.
The reconfigured entrance.
The swimming pool on the first floor before renovation.
The multi-purpose room that replaced the swimming pool.
A relic from the past, preserved under glass.
The gym on the second floor after renovation.