Mathews Architecture

Kalmia Cottage Kitchen

In order to better meet the needs of the family in this historic cottage, the separate kitchen and storage areas were reconfigured to create a useable space with a comfortable eating area and an improved pantry.

Before this renovation, the area had been chopped up and confusing. An added wall separated a small sitting area from the kitchen proper, and the organization of the cabinets and appliances made it a difficult space to work in. As part of the renovation, the wall was removed and the sitting area expanded and integrated into the kitchen at one corner.

Appliances were relocated and new handcrafted cabinets of quarter-sawn oak and black granite countertops were installed to improve the workflow and capture some of the style of the original kitchen casework. More cabinets and a fold-down desk were installed in the pantry.

The original heart pine floors were repaired and restored. A custom-designed clock was installed above the range hood as a special accent and to celebrate this historic cottage and its construction. This feature is centered on the main entry hall of the house and is visible from the entry foyer.

This project is a good example of how a modern, functional kitchen can be created in a historic house, which enhances and respects the original design character and maintains the high level of craftsmanship found in other aspects of the home.
The Kalmia Cottage kitchen after renovation and upgrade.
The new sitting area, better integrated into the kitchen area.
The original kitchen before renovation.
One corner of the old kitchen, showing the wall that separated the sitting area from the kitchen.
The new kitchen, featuring Arts & Craft-style cabinets, white subway tile, and refinished heart pine flooring.
The new sitting area and prep sink.