Mathews Architecture

Modern Country House

The clients had a property with spectacular views of the mountains.

They wanted an energy-efficient house, comfortable to be in year-round without excessive heating and cooling bills. It should take advantage of solar exposure, passive ventilation and be prepped so that solar panels (PV or solar thermal) could be added in the future.

They liked the open floor plans, with simple detailing and clear organizational layout, of the mid-century modern houses of Joseph Eichler.

Photos by Ryan Theede.
Front elevation of new house inspired by the designs of Joseph Eichler.
The house sits on a rise and has exceptional views toward Black Mountain.
The rear elevation showing the large screened porch.
Corner view of the living room end of the house.
The living room with wonderful views towards the distant mountains.
The kitchen and outside porch viewed from the living room.
The kitchen.
Looking into the living room from the kitchen.
The bathroom.
The shower.