Mathews Architecture

Residential Transformation #2

Renovations and additions to a 1940’s one-story approximately 1,200 sf brick house, the smallest house on the block, to create a two-story cottage in character with the surrounding homes in the early 20th century neighborhood to house a family of five.

The neighborhood was great and the lot was beautiful but the house was small, inefficient and outdated. A family with three young children were inspired to buy the house and envisioned that a second floor could be added allowing them to have four bedrooms upstairs and open and connected family living areas on the main floor.

Located in a neighborhood primarily of early 20th century cottages, they asked us to work as much as we could with what was there and at the same time create a new aesthetic for the house and an open living area conducive to modern family life.

The upper level sits on the walls of the original house and a small addition to the rear allowed for a new family room as well as future connection to a porch and carriage house for elderly parents.

We placed the master bedroom up a few steps from the children’s rooms to allow for a slight but symbolic separation. This change in floor levels also afforded the majority of the family area below this room to have a slightly higher ceiling height.

Existing doors and hardware were reused on the main level and compatible new elements selected for the new additions.

The original house had hollow clay tile and face brick exterior walls and interior wood framing. New exterior walls were constructed with 2x6 framing and insulation was provided throughout. The exterior brick was maintained at the first floor and the second floor is sheathed in stained cedar shingles.
Front elevation after the transformation.
The house before work began.
The new entry alcove.
Looking through the kitchen to the dining room and family room.
The new master bedroom on the added second floor.
The master bathroom, upstairs on the new second floor.
The new Arts & Crafts-style front entry.